Stockton Truck Accident Settlement

We represented the widow and adult children of a gentleman who was driving a truck on a rural country road. Another truck, towing a trailer loaded with a piece of farm equipment, approached from the opposite direction. The truck towing the farm equipment veered slightly over the center line and the farm equipment caught the wheel of the first truck, causing it to go out of control and crash, killing our clients’ husband and father. We were able to get involved in the case right away and had a full on scene investigation accomplished, which included an expert in accident reconstruction. Skid marks were still visible and were helpful, along with measurements and photographs at the scene, in demonstrating how the accident occurred. The case went into litigation and ultimately settled for the available insurance policy limits of $2,500,000. We were able to assist in getting a portion of the settlement money invested so that the decedent’s widow was provided with lifetime financial security.

Stockton Car Accident Recovery

Our client lived with her mother part-time and also lived on her own. She was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident where she suffered severe injuries requiring neck surgery. The driver of the automobile in which she was a passenger was found to be a fault for the accident. However, the driver did not have sufficient insurance to cover our client’s injuries. Our client turned to her mother’s underinsured motorist coverage, but her mother’s insurance company contended that she was not a resident of her mother’s household so she could not recover. We fought this coverage denial and proved that our client maintained a “dual residency”. A “dual residency” would provide coverage under her mother’s uninsured motorist benefits. The insurance company agreed and settled this matter thereby providing underinsured motorist benefits to our client. We recovered an additional $100,000.00 for our client that she would not have received without our legal advocacy and research.

Modesto Slip and Fall Accident

Our client slipped on water leaking from an ice machine as she walked along a common area walkway to a retail store. She suffered a severe foot injury requiring two surgeries. Our client sued the owner of the retail shopping mall since the accident occurred in a common area of the center. She also sued the owner of the ice machine and the retail store associated with the ice machine. The defendants claimed that our client was distracted and failed to notice the water. We claimed that the defendants failed to warn our client, a customer, of the wet conditions. Each side blamed the other and extended the litigation in this matter. We were ultimately able to settle this case for $300,000.00.

Sacramento Car Accident Settlement

Our client was a front-seat passenger in a motor vehicle that crashed into another car and rolled over. The driver of that vehicle was distracted and crossed the center line causing a head-on collision. As a result, our client suffered significant injuries and was left permanently disabled. The at-fault driver had a small insurance policy covering him for our client’s injuries, and he had no assets. Our client sought our firm’s help. We discovered that the driver was attending a family weekend event and was an employee of his parents’ business. We were able to argue that the family’s business automobile policy covered the at-fault driver since he was driving the motor vehicle for the personal affairs of the family business. We were able to settle the case for approximately $350,000.00. Our efforts also allowed more insurance funds to be available to the driver and passengers in the other car.