Modesto Building Ladder Injury Settlement

Our client fell from a building after the ladder he was using came loose from the wall. The client suffered several fractures as well as back, shoulder and knee injuries. The landowner and tenant’s insurance companies claimed that our client was at fault for his own injuries since the ladder was old and in poor condition. We fought for our client and achieved a premises liability settlement of $800,000.00.

Stockton Car Accident Insurance Recovery

Our client suffered several injuries as a result of a motor vehicle crash occurring in San Joaquin County, California. The adverse driver crossed several lanes and then crashed into our client’s car. Our client struck his head in the accident. He suffered soft tissue injuries as well as hearing loss. We were able to investigate these injuries and found that they were more significant than first realized. We were able to settle his case for the opposing driver’s policy limits of $100,000.00.

Truck Driver Accident Recovery

Our client, a truck driver, was injured when a drunk driver crossed into his lane of travel resulting in a head-on collision. Our client suffered significant injuries to his shoulder and knee requiring two separate surgeries. Our firm was able to obtain insurance policy limits totaling $200,000.00 from both the operator of the vehicle and the owners.

Car vs Bike Accident Injury Claim

Our client was involved in a hit-and-run accident. He was riding his bicycle in Stanislaus County, California when he was struck by a motorist who entered an intersection without seeing our client. Our client suffered hand and wrist injuries as a result of the collision. We were able to help him settle his personal injury claim for his uninsured motorist limits of $100,000.00.

Modesto Dog Bite Injury Settlement

Our client, a 15 year old boy, was playing with a family friend’s dog in a rural backyard. Without warning or provocation, a dog owned by the friend’s neighbor ran onto the friend’s property and attacked the boy. The boy suffered numerous bite wounds, including his ear flap being separated from his skull. The boy spent three days in the hospital and, fortunately, a plastic surgeon was able to reattach his ear without any hearing loss. He was left with numerous scars. The case settled for $165,000 for the boy’s hospital bills and pain and suffering.

Sacramento Car Accident Personal Injury Settlement

Our client was turning right into a parking space when the defendant driver attempted to pass him on the right, causing a collision. Our client’s truck sustained only $2,700 worth of damage, but we were able to establish that the impact exacerbated and/or caused a rotator cuff tear, requiring surgeries. We obtained combined policy limits settlements totaling $250,000.

Modesto Jeep vs Car Accident Recovery

Our client was driving a 2007 Chevy sedan with two family members seated in the sedan. Suddenly, a Jeep truck, traveling in the opposite direction, spun out of control and struck the Chevy sedan head-on. The driver and her occupants suffered severe leg, chest, and facial injuries. All of the sedan occupants hired Curtis Legal Group. Curtis Legal Group investigated the case. The fault was assigned to another vehicle that had rear-ended the Jeep truck. Curtis Legal Group was able to recover the entire policy limits for its clients totaling $200,000.00.

Modesto Bodily Injury Car Accident Settlement

Client was driving an older sedan and legally entered an intersection when a tractor truck ran a red light crashing into our client’s car door. Our client’s sedan caved in and our client had to be extricated from her car by the “jaws of life.” Our client suffered several pelvic fractures as well as a punctured lung. Curtis Legal Group hired an accident reconstruction engineer and a thoracic surgeon. Curtis Legal Group demonstrated the severity of the injuries to the adverse insurance company. Curtis Legal Group was then able to settle the case for $525,000.00.

Sacramento Car vs Bike Accident

The firm’s client was riding his bicycle home during twilight hours when he was struck by an automobile. The client suffered a severe tibia fracture that required surgical repair with plates and screws. Despite a car accident traffic collision report that blamed the bicyclist for the accident, 100%, the firm obtained a $100,000 policy limit settlement.

Baseball Injury Attorney

Play Ball!

Now that March Madness is over, the Sacramento River Cats, the Stockton Ports, and the Modesto Nuts have taken to the baseball diamond.  Popcorn, hot dogs, and peanuts will fill the baseball stands, and the sound of the organist and fans singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” will fill the ballpark speaker system.  The attorneys and staff of Curtis Legal Group, the Heavy Hitters, love baseball, and they too will be taking in some ball games.

Unfortunately, foul balls and even loose bats are natural and inherent risks of baseball.  As a result, teams and stadium owners deliver you a baseball ticket that generally has language noting that you may get struck by a ball or bat thereby placing you, the fan, on notice of the risk of such injury.  This language is typically on the reverse side of the ticket.  You may want to review that notice.

Baseball stadium owners and teams may have a duty to minimize the risk of injuries, but they cannot change how the game is played unless all teams so agree. Some major league ballparks have taken extensive measures to extend batting screens to protect the occasional errant ball, but the risk of injury is always there.  As such, as a fan, you assume the risk of being injured by a foul ball or loose bat.  You may even be injured by a player that lunges into the stands in order to catch a foul ball.

I was once at a San Francisco Giants game, and I watched a foul ball strike a fan just as she was about to sip her beer.  Luckily, she wasn’t injured, but she lost half of her beer as it spilled over her shirt and pants.  Well, as luck may have it, a few moments later, another foul ball struck the same fan in the same place causing her to lose all of her beer.  She wasn’t injured, but it is a lesson that lightening can strike twice.

In any case, always be aware of your surroundings and don’t take your eye off the ball. Go Modesto Nuts, Stockton Ports, and Sacramento River Cats!